Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craft Night

I have decided to host a craft night once a month during summer and then twice a month during fall and winter.  I charge money for supplies and to help cover the treats and wine.  Last night was my first official  event and I had four lovely ladies come and get their gourd on.  I had grown these fabulous gourds 7 years ago and have been storing them ever since.  It was so fun to see their imagination fly and come up with some trendy and fun ideas.
Over all I would say it was a success.  The ladies get to have some free time and create something new and I get rid of some of my inventory and catch up with friends

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Adventure Begins

I received my Clear Power Glass Cleaner.  I am so excited to get started.  The label says 6X concentrated.  I paid $5.69 for one bottle and I should get 6 16 fl oz of glass cleaning product or 96 fluid ounces of cleaning product.
1. The floral scent is pleasant, not over powering and dissipatates quickly.
2 surfaces cleaned:
  a.  Family kitchen table- solid glass
  b. Bathroom mirror
  c. Bathroom sink and faucette- since I am there
  d.  Inside window of back door
  e.  Outside window of back door

Okay,  I cleaned all of the above items to test this product and I am actually quite pleased and suprised with the results.  I usually use Windex and Clear Power did  a better job with less.  The back door windows had not been cleaned in quite awhile.  I have 3 dogs, two children and lots of company.  The Clear Power took care of dust, dirt, finger prints, doggie slobber, nose prints and some kind of unknown dried food substance.  It also was streak free.  Clear Power cleaned my kitchen table very well as well as the bathroom mirror , sink and faucette. I will recommend this product to everyone.
Here are the warnings listed on the bottle:
Common Sense Caution-  eye irritant, keep out of reach of children.  In case of eye contact flush with plenty of water.  Call a physician if irritation persists.  If swallowed, drink a glass of water.  Prolonged contact may cause skin irritation.  In case of skin contact flush arfea with water.  Keep away from open flame, sparks or other heat sources.
Ingredients:  Biodegradable plant derived alcohol, biodegradable cleaning agent (plant derived amphoteric surfacant),distilled white vinegar, fragrance, preservative.

Not bad for something that cleans very nicely.  If we swallow it, drink water. That should make us all feel very comfortable with this product. I like that I can protect my family and my pets from harmful every day chemicals.

Bonus:  You can use it on stainless steel and other shiny surfaces.-  I just did my fridge and dishwasher and it worked beautifully.

I recommend this product.  Ask me how you can get it!

Deciding to Go Green and Improve my Families Life-

I have been doing some thinking and have finally decided to act instead of thinking and wishing.  So I put together 4 new goals and see what it takes to make them happen.

My goals are:
1.  Create a healthier home environment, 
2. Reduce my environmental impact 
3. Make a little money to supplement my family income.
4. Support US and local businesses instead of international ones.  

I come from a long line of family members who have been green for decades.  We are originally from The Netherlands and being green is a fact of life over there.  We are such a small country that even the farmers have to account for the manure each cow makes.  With this in mind I have always wanted to be greener in my life in the USA.  However The States do not make it easy.  I recycle glass, paper and plastic.  We do all our errands in one trip so we do not go out several times a day.  The children ride the bus because it is greener even though we have to pay .50 cents a ride.  
The grocery stores are packed full of products that are processed, filled with toxic chemicals and generally not healthy for our daily lives.   So I have decided to tackle this going green piece by piece.  So number 1 of my goals is to create a healthier, greener environment in my home.  The green products in the grocery store are expensive and they do not always work as well as the chemical ones that I have used.  I use vinegar and water for glass cleaner, but then my home smells like a female cleansing room.-  Not desirable.  So I have decided to try Clear Power Glass Cleaner from Melaleuca.  It should arrive today or tomorrow.  I am going to see how good it is for one and how it stacks up against my all time favorite- Windex.  Clear Power Glass Cleaner uses natural distilled white vinegar and naturally derived solvents instead of ammonia.  It also has a floral  fragrance.  We will see how well I like it.  The other  benefit is that it comes in concentrated  form so I mix with water.  The cost is supposedly less than Windex.  I will let you guys know.  I am very excited to try.