Monday, June 13, 2011

Toby Taylor

Toby Taylor was a naughty little boy.
He liked to throw rocks and break all his toys.
Toby did not like many things.
He only liked ducks and the way his Mommy sings.
Early one morning Toby and his Mother went to the park.
He brought his favorite stuffed duck named Spark.
They went to see the ducks on the lake.
It was early morning so they were not awake.
Toby got mad and began to throw rocks.
He wanted to wake up the ducks near the docks.
The ducks quacked and looked for cover.
They all quacked for help to Toby’s mother.
“Toby do not throw rocks!”His mother said.
But it was too late a duck was hit in the head.
The duck did not move she did not quiver.
Toby started to cry and then shiver. 
The green and brown duck was dead.
Toby went near it with dread.
“Oh ducky, ducky please wake up!”  Toby cried.
But the duck did not move from the grass where she died.
Toby ran to his mother and grabbed her skirt.
He cried. “I did not mean to make the ducky hurt.”
“I promise I will not throw rocks anymore.”
This is what the duck was waiting for.
The duck stood up and winked at Toby’s mother. 
She flew into the air and hovered.
Toby looked up and clapped for joy.
Now Toby Taylor was a nice little boy.