Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Memories From the Past- Where Else Would They Come From?

The question often comes up," if you could do high school or college again would you?"  I have often answered a resounding Hell No!  But in retrospect I guess I would.  I had an awful lot of fun in high school and college. I got in an awful lot of trouble in high school and college as well.  I have just recently reconnected with one of my friends from my first attempt at college.  I guess we were 18 or 19 years old. It's funny how memories from that long ago paint the people in two dimensions.  Intellectually, I know those friends are full, vibrant people living happy lives out there somewhere in the world.  I had a lot of fun with them.  But my knowledge of them is only for this one time period.  Therefore, they are painted in two dimensions in my mind, simply photographs in an album.  They also remain forever 18 or 19 in my brain.  I on the other hand have aged, put on weight and gained an amazing road map on my face made of wrinkles.  I have earned every single one of them. No worries, I could care less.  I am happier now in my life than I have ever been.  I have 2 wonderful daughters, a great husband, and my art career is finally doing something other than decorating my walls. I am 11 months from turning 50 and life is good.
Back to my long lost friend.  Apparently it was I who was long lost. He had looked for me from time to time to see if I had actually survived my twenties. ( there were times that was doubtful)  He also has 2 wonderful daughters, a great wife and is happy.  So now his two dimensional life has filled out and become alive in the present.  It warms my heart that he is well and thriving.  I reached out and said hello to the past and it was all right.  It did not bite me as I probably deserved, it simply had grown up.   I guess we all do despite what we do to ourselves.  Thanks Philip for the hello.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gnomeo Gnomeo Where for art though Gnomeo

Skel-E-Gnome Garden Sculptures

Freedom University of Art and Art Alone

Any one that has ever known me knows that I have always imagined an affordable art university where all the arts are taught and learned.  Even the old ones.  Now granted, ivory carving is definitely a no no unless you acquired the ivory in a completely legal way.  I believe you can infer what I mean here.  I worry that art - ancient art,  is disappearing.  My Great Uncle Jacob was a brass smith and made things out of brass and copper.  I have a very nice coffee mill that he made.  You don't see that very much any more.  Now we all know that unless you have good press and a sponsor you do not make a whole lot of money.  But making art has never been about making money.  Oh it would be nice to make it, but that's not what feuls a true artist.  A true artist has to make their art or they will burst.  I think that is why they are such a unique bunch of individuals.
In my envisioned university we all make art with the help of our mentors and teachers to learn techniques and how to market our art. I would love to go to art school but cannot 1. afford it. 2. do not want unwanted courses.  3. What  I would like to take is an engineering class only for hanging large cumbersome art pieces not to build a water treatment plant.  I would only want to take physics so I can spacially balance my sculpture. You get my drift.  To go to an art school you or your parents will spend $100,000.00 to educate you so you can make $30,000.00 a year if your lucky being a curator or managing a paint store.  What I envision might actually be happening down at 841 Sante Fe Dr..  There is an academy called Denver Entertainment Arts and Design.  From what I can gather Zak Hennessey has a similiar dream.  He is starting from the entertainment side-  Make up artistry,Figure invention for movies,video games and comics etc. Think about it.  Everything in a movie incorporates art.  The costumes, the make up, the set, the landscap, hair, the sound, - everything.  So with a little luck and a lot of fortitude this can happen.  My yearning for a freedom art university might actually happen.  Zak's premise is to teach and to do and to not go broke.  Hmm I wonder if it can happen.  Wouldn't it be wonderful!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Exciting Times Are Just Ahead

I often find that opportunities are often just around the corner.  You go to a party and talk to someone you have never met and find that they are looking for a designer for their new apartment and guess what- you are a designer!  Do not ever be afraid of talking about your passions.  I am passionate about my art though I am very shy about talking about it.  I am always my worst critic. If I do not let other people see it and discuss it for better or worse who will ever know that this is what I do.  Talk to people, go to places where they do similar work, join guilds, participate and teach those who want to learn.  If you want to sell,  find places to sell your work.  Use the passion you feel for your craft and talk the same way. Become part of the larger community.