Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Teenagers- What to Do With Them?

I have a seventeen year old in the house who is not my child.  She is here as an international student from China.
She had a friend at school call her in sick posing as me.  The school called me and informed me that she was missing.  I am her legal guardian.  I grounded her from her electronics ie phone, touch pad and computer. over the Thanksgiving break.  She only had to do it for 4 days.  She hid her computer on our trip and got caught again.  I am livid beyond belief .  She is completely unaware of how serious everything is.  I had to file a missing persons report on her.  The police filed a runaway report on her.  The police department searched for her, the school searched for her and I searched for her.  Charges could have been filed  she could have been expelled.   The only reason she is here is for her education. The least she could do is play the game and kiss ass for a couple of weeks.  But no she won't.  All I hear from her is how much smarter the Chinese kids are than American kids.  All I see is a spoiled one dimensional brat who does not think of anyone but herself.  I am very frustrated right now and quite angry.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Teaching My First Glass Class

I have talked with my friends for a couple of years about teaching a glass class.  I fuse glass for fun and profit and most of my friends look forward to my gifts.  I always thought that I should teach them how to make the glass for fun.  Because they are all so talented,  part of me did not want to do it because it was the one talent that I had that no one else had.  Every one else is so  majorly talented in knitting, crocheting and other crafts that I attempt but have not mastered that I wanted to keep this particular one to myself.  I realized that this was selfish.  I love my friends and it is time to get over my lack of confidence in other things and go for it.  So this Saturday  5 of my pals are coming over for lunch and glass.  I am very excited to see them do this and to share what I know.  Wish us luck.