Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolution #3 The Church Bells Are Ringing

There seems to be an open and heated debate between those who believe in God and those who do not.  I just recently saw a sign that said God is  your invisible friend.  Our country was founded on the most basic freedom.  Freedom of religion.  Now that very freedom is coming under attack.  We cannot pray in schools,  We cannot celebrate Christmas.  Easter is a joke.  Yet our country will bend over backwards to accommodate atheists, Muslims, and other religions.  Why is Christianity being so abused and so secondary.  IN GOD WE TRUST. is on our money but for how long?  I know that some people in the Christian faith have been publicly ridiculed because of their failings.  To be a  Christian does not mean to be perfect-  we are all struggling to be the best we can be.  I Follow God's laws to the best of my ability.  I too fail.  That is the whole reason of the belief That God has our backs.  He knows we will sin yet through Jesus he has saved us. Faith is a rare yet valuable thing.  To have faith in God absolutely,  you have inner peace.  To know that I am not alone and that there is a heaven after everything in this life is done gives me inner peace. I have faith and I believe.  What I do not have is a church community  So this year I have challenged myself to go and find a church home.
To be  Christian does not mean to be stupid or lazy.  To be Christian means we believe that the only way to salvation is through Christ.  This does not make us weak. Quite the contrary.  By following our faith we take pause in every decision by praying.  You laugh, but if I said meditating you would be oh yeah, cool. Do not let semantics prejudice you against Christianity.  Consider this: What truly makes us different from the other animals on the planet?  Is it because we think?  No chimps and gorillas think.  Is it because we have technology?  No we have basically destroyed our planet without any regard searching for the next bigger and better not unlike a horde of locusts eating through a field.  Is it our capacity to love, nurture and socialize-  No, animals through out the world care for their young, stay with their partners and socialize.  So what makes us truly different?  Our belief in a higher power is what seperates us. After all without God we are just another ant colony with bigger nests.

I Have A Dream

We go to work everyday.  We clean our houses, work in the yard and exist one day after another.  What do we do it all for?  Are we working towards anything?  Or are we just existing from day to day. What do we dream of in our every day lives.  If you could make it happen-  what would you really be doing?  What is your dream job?  What is your dream life?
My dream life/job is owning some parcel of land by a national forest and living in a big farm house converted into a bed and breakfast.  We would grow most of the food and have farm animals that supply us with our fare.  We would have retreats for groups of people looking for some serious relaxation.  We would have a pool, hot tubs, art studios and a huge front porch with lots of rockers to relax and watch the sun set.  We would have a huge family room where our guests could play games and warm up by the fire.  We would have a technology center,  home theater, a huge library, a big dining room where we all eat family style.    We would have a nice size pond stocked with fish for fishing.  In my dream bed and breakfast we would meet all types of people and learn about the outside world.  My hubby would be right there beside me as would our girls.  We would work it as a family.  My secret desire. My dream life.  Is it silly?  Will it ever come true?  I do not know-  But I can dream it.  Perhaps one day I can live it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Years Resolution #2- Get up and experience life

I am still working hard on New Year's Resolution #1.  I will work hard on it the rest of my life.  I will not win any contests because there are too many variables such as: I love to eat and I do not enjoy excercise.  I just celebrated a fantastic weekend with my  family.  We did the Stock Show on Friday  celebrating  American heritage and history.  Brought home a sick child who fully recovered by Saturday to celebrate Chinese New Year. We made lots of Chinese dishes and decorated the whole house in red banners and lanterns. We went to church which is New Years Resolution # 3 and brought the girls to Awana's.  I need another day to  recover.  My second resolution is to participate in life and to enjoy it.  Not to just sit on the couch and watch other people live pretend lives on the idiot box.  We are going to do activities as a family and experience what life has to offer.  This week was expensive.  Next week I think we will do a freebie park hop and see what kind of play parks are available on this side of the world.   I guess what I am saying is that we are getting up off our duffs and seizing life and living it.
Won't you join us in turning off the TV and turning on life.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 New year's Resolution #1

One of my loathsome New Year's resolutions is a common one.  Exercise more, eat less, get healthy.  Now I am not doing this to get "skinny"  I am doing this to get healthy.  My mom called the other day and said that her doctor told her she had plaque in her carotid artery.  Her cholesterol is 179.  I am only 19 years younger than she and my cholesterol is 243.  I have a 6 year old and an 8 year old that I would dearly love to  kiss and hug until they are mothers themselves.  Mostly I want to do this for myself so that I may live and not merely survive. We are a society that is growing fatter, wider and unhealthier by the minute.  We eat more processed food, more sugar and more of everything than any other nation.  One magazine article I read, stated that if the rest of the world ate as much as Americans, we would need 2 more planets to sustain us.  Think about that next time you reach for something you truly don't need.  Remember the idiom, just because you can does not mean you should.  So I have cut down the size of my helpings and the number of them.  I am eliminating processed foods as much as possible from my diet.  I am walking every day.  Sometimes I even run. Now I make this resolution every year, but this time I believe I will succeed.  Why?-  Because I have hope.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012...I Loathe New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to 2012.  Do I have high hopes for this year?  Absolutely.  Do I have any fears for this year?  You bet.  I always look forward to anything new.  I constantly believe that this time it will be different.  This time I will keep it nice and keep it going for the whole year.  I always believe.  I remember when a school year would start and I would get new notebooks with clean, lined, unblemished paper.  I would smile to myself and promise that I would write in my best penmanship for the whole life of the notebook.  I would succeed for the first week or two, then I would start writing a little sloppier and more carelessly.  By the third or fourth week I was back to my old ways scratching out words and writing so poorly that even an archaeologist would  be unable to decipher what was written. I sabatoge myself in so many ways that I have absolutely no hope in succeeding.  I loathe New Years resolutions because they are the prophesy of our failure.  We list our resolutions every year to emphasize how unaccomplished we truly are.  How could we possibly win?  Why do we do this to ourselves?

We do this to ourselves because one of the great attributes of our species is....HOPE.... We have hope in everything. No matter how horrible something is, there is that within us that spurs us on.  HOPE.  I write down my resolutions because I have hope that this time I will achieve my goals.  I have hope that I will excercise regularly, eat right, go to church every Sunday, be a better wife and a better mother.  I have hope in my fellow people.  With hope comes that irritating yet endearing quality that we share with our pets- OPTIMISM.  My dogs have lots of optimism. Every time we eat dinner  they are optimistic that we will share or that something will magically fall from the table to the floor.  When our kids were small the dogs were rewarded for this optimism by having a veritable bounty fall from the sky.  Now as the children grow older that optisim has not diminished, though the bounty has.  The dogs still stand watch for those treasured, tastey bits that never come.  We list the things we want to change about ourselves, because we want to be better.  This is not a bad thing. I actually think it is quite commendable to want to better ourselves and our world.  So though I loathe New Years resolutions I still make them.  Slowly but surely some of them get done.  But mostly, what gets accomlished is that I am better every year,  not in leaps and bounds but in little bits here and there.  I have hope.  So, to all my friends and family, make those resolutions, keep your hopes up and be optimistic.  2013 is only 361 days away.