Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freedom University of Art and Art Alone

Any one that has ever known me knows that I have always imagined an affordable art university where all the arts are taught and learned.  Even the old ones.  Now granted, ivory carving is definitely a no no unless you acquired the ivory in a completely legal way.  I believe you can infer what I mean here.  I worry that art - ancient art,  is disappearing.  My Great Uncle Jacob was a brass smith and made things out of brass and copper.  I have a very nice coffee mill that he made.  You don't see that very much any more.  Now we all know that unless you have good press and a sponsor you do not make a whole lot of money.  But making art has never been about making money.  Oh it would be nice to make it, but that's not what feuls a true artist.  A true artist has to make their art or they will burst.  I think that is why they are such a unique bunch of individuals.
In my envisioned university we all make art with the help of our mentors and teachers to learn techniques and how to market our art. I would love to go to art school but cannot 1. afford it. 2. do not want unwanted courses.  3. What  I would like to take is an engineering class only for hanging large cumbersome art pieces not to build a water treatment plant.  I would only want to take physics so I can spacially balance my sculpture. You get my drift.  To go to an art school you or your parents will spend $100,000.00 to educate you so you can make $30,000.00 a year if your lucky being a curator or managing a paint store.  What I envision might actually be happening down at 841 Sante Fe Dr..  There is an academy called Denver Entertainment Arts and Design.  From what I can gather Zak Hennessey has a similiar dream.  He is starting from the entertainment side-  Make up artistry,Figure invention for movies,video games and comics etc. Think about it.  Everything in a movie incorporates art.  The costumes, the make up, the set, the landscap, hair, the sound, - everything.  So with a little luck and a lot of fortitude this can happen.  My yearning for a freedom art university might actually happen.  Zak's premise is to teach and to do and to not go broke.  Hmm I wonder if it can happen.  Wouldn't it be wonderful!

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