Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012...I Loathe New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to 2012.  Do I have high hopes for this year?  Absolutely.  Do I have any fears for this year?  You bet.  I always look forward to anything new.  I constantly believe that this time it will be different.  This time I will keep it nice and keep it going for the whole year.  I always believe.  I remember when a school year would start and I would get new notebooks with clean, lined, unblemished paper.  I would smile to myself and promise that I would write in my best penmanship for the whole life of the notebook.  I would succeed for the first week or two, then I would start writing a little sloppier and more carelessly.  By the third or fourth week I was back to my old ways scratching out words and writing so poorly that even an archaeologist would  be unable to decipher what was written. I sabatoge myself in so many ways that I have absolutely no hope in succeeding.  I loathe New Years resolutions because they are the prophesy of our failure.  We list our resolutions every year to emphasize how unaccomplished we truly are.  How could we possibly win?  Why do we do this to ourselves?

We do this to ourselves because one of the great attributes of our species is....HOPE.... We have hope in everything. No matter how horrible something is, there is that within us that spurs us on.  HOPE.  I write down my resolutions because I have hope that this time I will achieve my goals.  I have hope that I will excercise regularly, eat right, go to church every Sunday, be a better wife and a better mother.  I have hope in my fellow people.  With hope comes that irritating yet endearing quality that we share with our pets- OPTIMISM.  My dogs have lots of optimism. Every time we eat dinner  they are optimistic that we will share or that something will magically fall from the table to the floor.  When our kids were small the dogs were rewarded for this optimism by having a veritable bounty fall from the sky.  Now as the children grow older that optisim has not diminished, though the bounty has.  The dogs still stand watch for those treasured, tastey bits that never come.  We list the things we want to change about ourselves, because we want to be better.  This is not a bad thing. I actually think it is quite commendable to want to better ourselves and our world.  So though I loathe New Years resolutions I still make them.  Slowly but surely some of them get done.  But mostly, what gets accomlished is that I am better every year,  not in leaps and bounds but in little bits here and there.  I have hope.  So, to all my friends and family, make those resolutions, keep your hopes up and be optimistic.  2013 is only 361 days away.

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