Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Have A Dream

We go to work everyday.  We clean our houses, work in the yard and exist one day after another.  What do we do it all for?  Are we working towards anything?  Or are we just existing from day to day. What do we dream of in our every day lives.  If you could make it happen-  what would you really be doing?  What is your dream job?  What is your dream life?
My dream life/job is owning some parcel of land by a national forest and living in a big farm house converted into a bed and breakfast.  We would grow most of the food and have farm animals that supply us with our fare.  We would have retreats for groups of people looking for some serious relaxation.  We would have a pool, hot tubs, art studios and a huge front porch with lots of rockers to relax and watch the sun set.  We would have a huge family room where our guests could play games and warm up by the fire.  We would have a technology center,  home theater, a huge library, a big dining room where we all eat family style.    We would have a nice size pond stocked with fish for fishing.  In my dream bed and breakfast we would meet all types of people and learn about the outside world.  My hubby would be right there beside me as would our girls.  We would work it as a family.  My secret desire. My dream life.  Is it silly?  Will it ever come true?  I do not know-  But I can dream it.  Perhaps one day I can live it.

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